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The Buildables Story


Buildables was founded in 2009 and is today one of Singapore’s leading building solutions providers for the non-structural building materials sector. 


Who We Are

Buildables was founded in 2009 and is today one of Singapore’s leading building solutions providers for the non-structural building materials sector. It has been in the business of plaster and ceiling boards since 1991 in a separate capacity and is now reenvisioned to bring to the construction industry progressive and innovative drywall and ceiling solutions that will satisfy today's ever-changing climate.


Our vision is to establish a 'One Stop Solution' that offered a fully competitive range of drywall & ceiling systems, with the highest level of reliable technical support, backed up by efficient delivery and customer service.

Mr. Tiong Jia Yih, Managing Director, has observed that the future of Singapore's construction sector must shift from traditional masonry to cleaner, more efficient, and quicker building methods that also deliver superior quality.

At Buildables, we are more than just a supplier; we are a provider of solutions. "Our company is built on the belief that better solutions are always on the horizon and ready to be implemented. Central to unlocking these benefits for the broader market is our dedicated team, who are not only motivated and well-trained but are deeply in tune with the needs and advantages our innovative solutions provide," Mr. Tiong explains. He adds, "Our goal is to transform perceptions about our products and our brand. We are here to show that our solutions offer significant benefits and, simply put, we empower our customers with these solutions."


To rise to this challenge, Buildables emphasizes the importance of its people. We foster an open and communicative work environment that thrives on input from our team members. We are committed to nurturing technically skilled innovators who can guide our clients forward. As Buildables’ culture of innovation becomes increasingly integral to our operations, we aim to inspire an impactful revolution within the industry and cement our standing as a leader and innovator for the long haul.

Historical Milestones

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Buildables was instrumental in developing the first 3-in-1 (impact-resistant, fire-resistant, moisture-resistant) drywall system for multi-storey residential apartments in Singapore in 2005, for the Savannah Condopark.


Buildables notes that the pilot project's drywall systems were designed and tested to the local requirements, and was very attractive in reducing the overall weight of the structure, the number of wet trades on the site, and increasing productivity - installation and finishing was approximately up to 4 times faster. This 3-in-1 residential drywall system was subsequently adopted by many of the industry developers in Singapore, providing Buildables' business with significant growth in its years of operations.


In 2012, Buildables relocated its headquarters to a larger facility in 25 Tampines Industrial Avenue 5. The relocation of its operations to a facility that was more than triple the size of its previous facility provided Buildables with the capacity to manage their growth, expand its logistics and warehouse teams while maximising utility of the new space.

At the start of 2013, Buildables entered into an exciting new partnership with Saint-Gobain Gyproc, a Fortune 500 multinational corporation specialising in high-performance materials.


In 2019, We introduced a lightweight high-performance sandwich panel that is envisioned to revolutionise the construction industry.

Satisfying various requirements such as fire, impact, and moisture, the thinner lightweight sandwich panel provides more usable floor area without compromising performance!

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